What is PayKii?

A cross border bill payment hub that enables individuals living abroad to pay bill for their family back home

Our Vision

"Offer money transfer firms access to a global platform which enables cross-border bill payment in multiple sectors-utilities, health care, education, insurance, etc."

Platform built to engage the end user on a recurring basis

Provide solutions that deepen customer engagement

Create stickiness and recurring transactions

Offer peace of mind

Offer remittance providers increase value proposition


Work & Grow with us

Looking for passionate people wanting to take their ideas to the next level. If you are interested on building something big while exploiting your potential, please leave us your information on this contact form.

In PayKii, there is room for every talent.

Paykii is the fastest global platform that enables cross-border bill pay for money transfer firms in
utilities, health care, education, insurance, etc.