Why PayKii?

Offer your customers an easy, quick and secure solution to pay expenses in multiple sectors for themselves and their loved ones around the world.

everything is connected

A bill payment network reaching most of the important international sending and receiving corridors

remittance providers & financial institutions

Local bill payment aggregators

Our uniqueness

  • Flexible - Flexible funding and settlement options
    • Global solution assistance
    • Remittance provider selects preferred approach
  • Feature-Rich - Real-time balance inquiries plus alerts and recurring payments
    • Convenient for both senders and recipients
  • Credible - Secure, reliable and compliant

What do we offer

Global solution

Access to more than 600+ billers

One single connection

Single standard reconciliation and settlement process

Scalable solution providing last mile connectivity to local billers

Security standards

Core business experts

Humanized customer support


Build Stickier Relationship

Deepen Customer Engagement

Increase transaction recurrence

Increase customer lifetime value and reduce churn

Generate a key differentiator from competitors

Low cost

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