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Paykii offers a range of customizable bill payment options
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Deploy a smarter, faster, ”digital-first” bill pay solution in a single country
Multi Country Domestic
Offer domestic bill payment across multiple markets leveraging a single, unified platform
Enable your clients to directly pay bills back home for themselves or their loved ones

Bill Pay-as-a-Service

Our platform offers intelligent bill pay options customizable to your needs

Bill Payment

Facilitate a wide variety of payment options from basic utility services to tuition fees to government payments and more!

Bill Notification

Notify your customers when they have a new bill due

Balance Inquiry

Allow your customers to conveniently query the balance owed on their bills

Payment Confirmation

Provide your customers peace of mind that their payment has been processed successfully

Mobile Top-Ups

Manage domestic and international mobile top-ups in an easy, fast, convenient way
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Gift Cards

Select from a wide variety of secure, easy-to-use digital gift card options
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Transforming the future of Bill Pay

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